Set-up suggestions

Earthcast 12

Tips and Tricks
- FYI - The Spanish channel, Puentes Al Mundo will be broadcasting at the same time on their own channel.

Jobs for students:
1. Intro to webcast - example is on wiki media page; need to mention Worldbridges network which is hosting Earthbridges.
2. Intro to your session
3. Photographers - to document the day
4. Chat room monitors - give questions to the speaker; or just look for them.
5. Chat room welcomers
6. Summarizer for each session
7. Outro for your session
8. Outro for the webcast time slot.

Room set-up - possible
- computer for streaming or skype
- Another computer hooked up to the whiteboard to project chat; student can be here to chat; microphone for student questions.
- If there is another wired or possible wireless connection can have another computer with mic.

Things to have beforehand:
- questions from students
- filler information, just in case; ad-libbers and material
- photos for ustream.
- skype ids shared
- skype chat open
- Have scripts ready
- Signs - No Names, On Air (for other rooms?);
- microphone stands - know where the mute button is or how to mute in skype.
- ask others in school not to use as much bandwidth at that time;
request only 1/grade to listen? up to you.
- Discuss no personal information.
- Schedule for your time slot.
- Log in beforehand and watch / listen to get used to it?

FYI - Earthbridges and EdTechTalk are parts of a bigger system called Worldbridges. Founded by Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier.

After the broadcast:
- post photos to flickr group (earthcast10)
- Hand out badge of participation and/or embed code for blogs.
- Thank you's for speakers, special guests.
- Post archives.