Planning Page

Please use this as a space to brainstorm out some considerations for building the network.

Let's use this page to plan out what we want the Earthbridges community to look and feel like. What kind of functionality do we want it to have? What kind of tools should it contain? Who will help maintain the site? What kind of content will it hold? This are just a few of the questions to consider...

Directions for Listening Live on Earthcast 2009

Directions for listening/participating live:
The "Main Earthcast" channel player below is where we'll be broadcasting throughout the day on April 22nd, 2009. Click the "Main Earthcast" link to listen in. If this player is blocked at your school, click one of the three media player/speaker icons that you see. To join in the chat, enter your name in the username field and click Login. No password is necessary. The same set of directions may be used to listen into the Spanish simulcast which will take place in the "Puentes al Mundo" Studio.

A Brainstorm on Earthbridges:
-Determine some type of mission for the group...perhaps a mission statement even, I don't know.
-Should be a space that holds all of the content generated from our 24 Hour Earthcast Webcastathon
-Should be a space where earthbridges community members can perform semi-regular webcasts throughout the year...having access to the shoutcast server or some other streaming server would be nice-shoutcast server access would be offered to those community members who completed the webcast academy professional development sequence.
-It would be nice to have some sort of way for community members to create a profile, so we can exchange contact information in order to keep in touch with one another and collaborate
-Chat tool-a community chat tool like the one at ETT would be nice...
-It would be nice for community members to be able to share podcasts in the earthbridges community...
-Blog spaces for community members and/or a shared blog with multiple contributors.
- Best practices for teacher- how teachers can use webcasting in their curriculum. Keep the classroom teacher in mind as the site in designed so their needs are met.

Timeline of Events:
May-July of 2008: Planning and development of the community
July-Sept of 2008: Earthbridges beta members start joining and offering feedback on look, feel, and functionality
Sept-October of 2008: tweaked a bit based upon feedback. Earthbridges community members begin preparing for a late October webcastathon on the issue food/hunger.

Significant Dates in Environmental Awareness
It might be useful to identify significant dates focused on environmental awareness. These dates my be useful for theming of webcasts or providing milestones throughout the calendar for stimulating topical discussion. Please add other major dates and events as appropriate. Here is a site with many Earth-focused days listed: