Links and resources for the planning phase of the Earthcast09 Project:

Educational Scenarios - they can help embedding the activities around the earthday into class and curricula:

Beyond Virtual Field Trips - Tipp: How to get the whole class involved: Focus on the role set.
Webquests - One of the multiple methods getting students research in a brief and creative form, so the students can talk about those topics.
What about Earth Hourexternal image Earth%20Hour%20Logo.jpg - March 28. Turn of your 8:30-9:30pm local time.

Technical Remarks:

Some observations about technical problems and their solutions:

How to check your Audio settings via Skype in preparation of the live streaming?

For secure checking your audio enviroment just in time right before you will get the torch call "echo123" in skype and follow the instructions.

How to avoid feedback during the recording