Planning space for Earthcast

Hashtag = #earthcast12


Next meeting - March 11, 2012, 11:30 am EDT

  1. Who's interested?
2. Which format? 24 hours or several shows during the month? Some schools are on vacation or not available on a Sunday.
3. Do we have promo materials?
4. Who is available to stream?

Minutes of Sunday January 23, 2011, 13:00 EST or 18:00 GMT (Other time zones)
  • Several US schools will have vacation that day. Who will be available that day and in what capacity?
    • Use the K12Online format for the month of April. Release recorded pieces for each week. Then have live 24hour webcast.
    • Look into Echos to coordinate with other countries' Earth Days.
  • Keynote speaker - contact Matt?
  • Earth Day is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world. How can we get people to participate?
  • Promo materials
    • Sheila will check with Jason about doing a new promo video. And will ask if he can participate before the day.
    • All - look at what's available already and see what changes need to be done.
  • Update site. - tabled.
  • Check previous notes for reminders and notes. - don't forget posterous too.
  • Keep or change VT?
    • Change the voicethread to a new one. Volunteer?
  • Should we start to make some material without dates? Yes.
    • Hashtag should have the year, but promo items can drop the year so we may reuse them. Badges of participation should have the year too.
  • Use doodle for determining next meeting.
  • If you need to be added to the Earthbridges skype chat, please let Matt, Durff, Peggy, Derrall, Jose or Sheila know. Or put your contact info here:

Notes from March 28, 2010

  • Use of elluminate room
  • New image for branding of Earthcast with no year mentioned.
  • Posterous space; diigo; set up now
    • in different languages?
  • Content schedule for schools as a handout/web page -
  • Would a flyer and a PR be useful?
  • Use tags!
  • Maybe set up a netvibes or pageflakes page?
  • Matt will do tinyurls for everything.

Audio at : Unedited Skype call audio posted on Podomatic - if player isn't working for you, listen directly on Podomatic here:
Don't be confused by the image on the recording--just scroll down to the Earthcast podcast. This is my Podomatic player and it includes links to my most recent podcasts.

Notes from Feb. 7, 2010 -
Audio recording of planning session:

  • Sign-up wiki is awkward with the table is there an alternative?
    • Time slots that are focused for schools in several time zones.
    • Advertise that these times - perhaps around lunch times! To get more participation and listeners.
    • Set aside time for students to participate?
  • Include more links for GMT
  • Accessibility with languages.
  • Break sessions into smaller segments - 48 segments for the 24 hours.
  • Tagging in advance - #earthcast10
  • How will this be used afterwards? What purpose does the archives serve?
    • How can they be followed up?
    • Pool the resources
  • Drew suggested one live session and rebroadcasted later. Live Q&A again later.
  • Posterous -
  • Student panels - international group - can they meet beforehand?
    • How can they interact; with topics? have a voice for their region? report from their region?
  • Chat room - what can be accessible and protected?
  • TeachMeet connections and suggestions - Drew
  • Divide up the responsibilities!!!. ex. official tweeter for certain hours;
  • Tools we can use:

    • How many of these tools will be blocked by schools?
    • Can we have guides ready for teachers?

  • Badge / Certificate of Participation
  • Common landing place?
    • needs some tweaking. JL will help.
    • Posterous

Google form is created to use to invite people to help with the event (before, during, after):

Earthcast 10 Preliminary Project Participation Form

Live Form:

Results can be viewed here:

NEXT meeting - (Feb 11, 2010) agenda items - Set aside times that are more school focused (participating and listening)

Notes from Jan. 28, 2010 - random notes
Audio recording of brainstorming session on EdTechTalk:

  • to do soon: Promotional video on YouTube
  • Facebook group or page?
  • Google form to sign up and wiki
  • Not committing to one hour - shorter segments for content
  • 24 hours - commitment still?
  • call for participants
  • voicethread - MaryZ will start it.
  • Have pre-recorded content with guides too?
  • Visual part is important!
    • webcam video - live cams (tinychat - password protected)?
    • Add more interactivity - jeopardy game, images (slideshow); interview people on the street;
      • Mac alternative for Camtwist that will give good quality.
    • Use EarthHour to build awareness.
    • Announce event for this year.
    • Post on twitter
    • Echoes can be past content. "From the archives . . . Are you ready for Earthcast10?"
    • Sign-up for participation - need list of jobs; Peggy will do the sign-up form;
    • Start to form a sense of community
    • Educon - get those ppl to share info - Rob
    • Dovetail off of Classroom 2.0 Live session - March 27, 10-noon EST

Next Planning Meetings:
Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010 right after Conversations on EdTechTalk, 12:30pm EST
Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 during EdTech Brainstorm, 9:00pm EST

Planning Meeting #3: Feb 11, 2010

Links from planning meeting:

Daylight savings time -- do you REALLY know what time it is? Ensure that all participants are working from the same schedule.

How do we bring in different people to the project? Maybe a speakers' corner to facilitate recording of messages to be played during the webcastathon.

Pre-echo, Sat March 29, 2010 Dress rehearsal to "de-mystify" participating in a webcast, and encourage participation during 'athon

Sign-up to participate in Earthcast 2010

Agenda for planning
  1. Who's involved?
  2. Whats the format? Some schools are not available on Sunday, April 22.
  3. Howmanny streamers do we have?
  4. Any promo media available?