Earthcast 2009 Meeting agendas and notes.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009 17:00 GMT and

Sunday, April 19, at 17:00 GMT

  • practice?
  • earthbridges studio passwords
  • handing off the streaming

Sunday, March 22, at 17:00 GMT
- Voicethread available for input from any and all.

- For unconference hours, we can use media from this or the media bin.

- For webcasters: Earthbridges will have its own shoutcast server. Info to come.

- Can use the hidef conferencing for others to call in.

Sunday, March 22, at 18:00 GMT

Topics for discussion:

Unblocking Ustream for the day of broadcast
Jason posted PSA for use
Begin practicing streaming, how to

Sunday, March 15, at 18:00 GMT

Topics for discussion:

- Tips and tricks for newcomers
  • Room set-up for live events
    • suggest: keep live speakers in different rooms; others other room
      • listen on one computer for the other room avoid bandwidth issues at your building.
    • speakers should earphones, separate mic (ability to mute)
    • mic is behind the speaker if no headphones
    • chat room monitor - can be another person not from your school.
    • avoid feedback (all need earphones, people need to be spaced away enough in the room, two different rooms may be the best for the filters to work the best)
  • Decide if audio and/or ustream -
  • Use #earthcast09 as tags for easy searching.
  • Pre-recording (can be used for any 'unconferencing')
  • Don't use first names unless you have permission?.
  • Test equipment with Skype lady (echo123)
  • Concentrate on your speech (speed, enunication)
  • Mute when not speaking.
  • Have plan B, just in case
    • send someone in the group your audio files in case your network doesn't work.
    • have a different topic ready to go
  • Be familiar with the various chats
    • skype chat for internal planning
    • Edtechtalk chat - for participants
    • perhaps have a computer for each open.

- set a date for testing out equipment and set-ups for live events.

- 5 weeks to go, next meeting date is
Sunday, March 22, at 18:00 GMT (Does that work for people? I'd prefer an hour earlier if possible.- Sheila)

Sunday, March 8, at 18:00 GMT

Topics for discussion:
- streaming help (handing off, playing recorded audio, stream and ustream?)
-we need more participation in the project!! Help promote via your various channels!!!
-voicethread-to do list
-4-6 "producers" for the day
- chat room control

Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, January 18th at 18:00 GMT (click link for time conversion to your location)

Topics for discussion:
-Welcome to our new team members and round-table check-ins
Encouraging new voices/members
Celebrity sound bytes
Sign up for moderating blocks of time (use the Earth Day 2009 link along the left)
Skype Chat-contribute ideas, thoughts, brain waves, updates, etc to the Earthbridges skype chat
Creating the advertisement - Jason

RSVP for this meeting:
Matt Montagne
Sheila Adams
Lisa Parisi
Jeff Lebow
Jose Rodriguez

Notes from meeting on Sunday January 18, 2009



  1. Introductions/re-introductions
  2. Welcome to our new team members and round-table check-ins
  3. Encouraging new voices/members
  4. Celebrity sound bytes
  5. Sign up for moderating blocks of time (use the Earth Day 2009 link along the left)
  6. Skype Chat-contribute ideas, thoughts, brain waves, updates, etc to the Earthbridges skype chat
  7. Creating the advertisement - Jason

  • Durff, Sheila, Jeff, Andreas, Matt, Lisa P. on skype conference and Sarah, Joao on ETT live listening to ustream and chat.
  • twitter, twitter to start, and keep conversation going.
  • use of remote streamers
  • welcoming Lisa Parisi,
  • High definition streaming might be available
  • hosting of recording would go to earthbridges drupal
  • use of skype group chat has been good.
  • Digital Maverick (Drew Buddy) sent his greetings
  • Resources from Andreas
  • ideas for engaging students as in use of questions on the chat room
  • Derrall... question about recording of raw audio by server that was set up automatically
    recommendation was to record locally for best audio.
  • use of pre-recorded audio.. Canned audio.
  • set parameters for having canned audio as in time limits and a place us to grab during live.
  • Promo by Jason.. he committed to 2009 but we can help out
  • Use of EtherPad recommended by Matt
  • Jose Volunteered It's Elementary to do Promo Show... 2 weeks before the actual event
  • resources page for newbies.. lesson plans etc.
  • Jeff suggested linking with other networks
  • Promotion on EVO group on Becoming a Webhead
  • Keynote possibilities - young celebrities.
  • connecting with youthvoices
  • open letters to celebreties by group or our students
  • New Media connection suggested by Jeff:
  • Opening up to wider webcasting community Mega-Chat and beyond
  • Planning session planned for Feb 8 and Feb 22 at 18:00 GMT
  • Use of earthbridges for live page

Actions - Agreements

July 20th, 2008 Meeting Agenda:

  • Next meeting-thanks to Mrs. Durff for airset calendaring
  • K12 Online Update
  • Construction of the network via drupal
  • Getting teachers and students on board next fall...
  • Setting up some regular earthbridges webcasts next fall-perhaps some regular bi-monthly/monthly webcasts to get the ball rolling and to get everyone familiar with the network.
  • Next meeting is August 17
Notes from July 20th meeting:
  • Participants will sign up for account on Earthbridges Drupal and can upload content
  • Everyone on planning team should log in and begin using the Drupal asap
  • K12 online proposal was submitted. If we are accepted, we'll need to create a teaser and begin the planning process for the presentation
  • May want to stick with Ustream for Earthcast streaming
  • Tag content for Earthbridges0809


June 8th: Meeting Agenda:

Roundtable: Below you'll find the notes and ideas from the June 8th meeting:
  • Let's have a way for new folks to the community to get involved...a way for them to request participation in the project.
  • Maybe have some links to the works that the students and teachers did during the earthcast08-both to the enviroscims wiki that we used for earthcast and to the archived audio files...
  • Spread the word about the project in our various networks and direct them to the network
  • Splash page with some overview information on the project so newbies have some basic information on the project
  • we're ready to go forward with a drupal CMS presence...thanks Jeff! Jose wants the keys to the car--let's take it
  • International Polar year...remember we're going to use this as a focus for year 1 of earthbridges...
  • Perhaps we can link up with Sheila's PD experience in July at some point...
  • Moodle for instructional content...Drupal for building of the community and aggregating the content...
  • Jeff is considering putting it on bluehost, which comes with a cost of $80/year.
  • Community has a manager and a management team...
  • terms of policies...we need to hash that out for the bottom of the home page
  • Membership is open to all individuals who are interested in issues of the environment and overall environmental sustainability
  • multi-lingual...putting some of our policy and information in a few different languages
  • Let's address the webcast academy leaders...try to tap into that group for participation
  • we're trying to form a community for sharing and exchanging ideas and our terms of use shall focus more on acceptable behavior and community participation.
  • Focus on Acceptable Use and Terms of Behavior
  • Also, we want to spread around leadership--who wants to moderate next time??
  • What When Where Who How, answer these questions...
  • Mission students-we're astonished by what the students did in the innagural earthcast08 and we want to create a forum for continued involvement in the future...develop empathy for the same topics that we're interested in...empowerment as well.
  • Audio from Earthcast08 ... let's make sure it all gets posted to the page ... maybe we can get this all posted in the earthbridges drupal community... leave the audio from earthcast08 in webcast academy

Mission Statement: ideas look great so far

Timeline for network rollout
May-July of 2008: Planning and development of the community
July-Sept of 2008: Earthbridges beta members start joining and offering feedback on look, feel, and functionality
Sept-October of 2008: tweaked a bit based upon feedback. Earthbridges community members begin preparing for a late October webcastathon on the issue food/hunger.

Next Meeting??

  • How are we doing with getting the Earthcast08 Content archived?

Mission Statement
  • As much as I (Matt Montagne) hates these types of formalities, I think we need one....It will be useful to have one as a tool to explain to others what we're all about...something like, "Earthbridges, in conjunction with Worldbridges, is a global community dedicated to providing opportunities for people of all ages to engage in regular discussions about issues impacting our environment. Earthbridges hosts regular webcasts with our flagship event being an annual 24 hour webcastathon on Earth Day...."

Building the Earthbridges network (take a look at the space planning page to see what we've brainstormed thus far)
  • What kind of functionality do we want it to have?
  • What kind of timeline are we looking at?
  • Design Logo-Jason R has offered to create something for the Earthbridges network which is great!
  • Promoting--let's do a few blog posts to get the word out there!

Incorporating Youth Voices
  • It would be nice to make youth a regular part of this community, but how???
  • Is it possible to build up youth webcasting skills so they could moderate entire blocks of time for webcasts in the future?? I'm primarily thinking about Earthcast09...of course one of us would be running the stream most likely

Upcoming Events
  • Fall event
  • May event-perhaps just an hour long webcast or something...

Next Meeting??**