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Fantastic compilation of Earth Day resources for all grade levels!
Earth Day (April 22) is an international awareness day focusing on climate change, sustainability and the environment. Encourage your students to pledge an act of green today with these hand-picked teaching resources that will help them understand our planet and how to sustain it for the future.

Planet Granite Stories - Channel 11 NHPTV

New "Search Stories" video for Earth Day 2012 created on YouTube

History of Earth Day (1:20)

How to Go Green (1:16) Tips to Save the Environment

Carolyn Stanley's Earth Day Video - Carolyn is an educator from Connecticutt, USA (about 2 minutes)

Earth Day: Give Earth a Hand (1:30)

Earth Day Rap (3:10)

2009 Earthcast Echos at

  • Topics include - Global Climate Change conference interview (poor video); Sustainable Harvest International; interview with students who created a robot that dove in the water at Antarctica; First follow-up Echo with Earth Day information. All uStream.

Earth Day videos

Rye JHS Media for Earth Day, 2011

How the First Earth Day Came about

By Senator Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day

From the Archives: Earthcast 09-A Middle School student creates and sings her own original song #earthcast10 #earthday

"Here and Today" (recording on that link)

Liz, who is one of Sheila Adams' Middle School students from Rye Junior High in Rye, New Hampshire created this song and recorded it for sharing throughout Earthcast 09. I think you'll agree with me that it is a beautiful piece.

Earth Day Go Green Music Released-iTunes

April 14, 2009
PHOENIX, ARIZONA (April 13, 2009)—Arizona based acoustic Hip Hop ensemble The Wiley One has partnered up with the leading environmental company Zero Hero Events, to release their brand new single “Go Green” on iTunes Earth Day, April 22, 2009.
Written and performed by Sam Wiley of “The Wiley One” and produced by multi platinum producer Gardner Cole (Madonna, Britney Spears) the single “Go Green” is an inspirational song with a positive message to spread the word about environmental awareness. A percentage of all downloads of the single from iTunes will be donated to the Zero Hero Scholarship Fund. The money raised will be offered to applicants from bands across the nation, who will be chosen by Zero Hero to receive green tour consultation, and bio diesel fuel while on tour.
The Zero Hero Scholarship Fund will offset the carbon footprint of touring artists, and create environmental awareness that will spread a worldwide positive message never before seen in the music industry. In addition, the single “Go Green” is currently being used as the theme song for Earth Day events around the world on April 22.
For more information on Earth Day, the single “Go Green” or promotional performances by The Wiley One, please visit

YouTube Channel for Let's Go Green Kids Videos

Song: Let's Go Green with Lyrics (1:20)

Change the World in 5 Minutes-Every Day at School

Act Now! Forest Matters

The Girl Who Can Silence the World Again?

A 12 year-old girl Severn Suzuki gave a speech in UN Earth Summit in Rio 1992. Her speech was powerful and received a standing ovation. This speech is known as The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes.

Now 20 years later, another 12 year-old girl Helmi Vanhanen has a powerful message for the world. When Helmi was born in 2000 her father launched Environment Online - a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. Thousands of schools in over 140 countries take part and aim to plant 100 million trees by 2017. Her father wrote a song for world forests and she submitted it to a song contest. The most voted song will be performed in Rio +20 Summit.

YOU can make history repeat itself!

1) Vote her song by clicking red heart underneath the video. You can vote daily until 19 May.

There is a girl who will silence the world again. Make it happen. Vote.