Use content on this page for making any type of advertisements for the Earthcast 09 Webcast (I believe all of it is posted in the creative commons)
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Things to include in your adverstisements:
Date/Time of Earthcast: Wednesday, April 22nd 2009...we're following the 24 hour GMT day
How to listen and participate?? : Go to and click on the link that says "Listen Live"
Want to contribute to the event? Email and tag all media with "earthcast09"
New - Earthcast 2009 Promo -
New - Earthcast09 Broadcasters and support Map -
New - Earthcast09 Listeners Map -
New - Earthcast09 guestbook -
New - Earthcast09 Voicethread - New -
New - Earthcast09 Flick Photo Group -
New - Earthcast09 Facebook Group -

Broadcast Cues:
Standard tone for kicking off and ending each hour: "You are listening to Earth Cast 2009. Broadcasting live on the Earthbridges channel of the Wordbridges Network. This is hour number of Earthcast09 and in this hour we're focusing on and we're being joined by to talk about . Stay tuned coming up next hour will be..." (to be announced at the beginning, at the middle and at the end.. just like in Radio)

Throughout the day, remind people to visit the Earthcast09 Guestbook and Listeners Map to add in their information. They can also leave an audio message at the Earthcast09 Voicethread and we'll play this on the air during the day.

Chat room etiquette? The intent of the chat room is to ask questions and share your ideas. Adults and students will be in the chat room so please be respectful, kind and helpful. Thank you!

Remember, if you are going to broadcast with HiDef Conferencing, we'll have the opportunity to take call ins via phone or skype. Just remind people that phone call ins may be expensive depending upon their location in the world. Skype call ins would be free of course

Outro: "You've been listening to hour number of Earthcast09, a live, 24 hour webcast taking place on Earth Day 2009. Thanks to our guests -insert guest names here- for joining us this hour to discuss -insert topic info here- . We also want to thank everyone who listened in live and participated in the chat and who called in to share with us. Please remember to visit the listener map at and the guestbook at when you get the chance. We've been broadcasting live on the Earthbridges channel of the Worldbridges network from -insert your location here- Stay tuned for the next hour Earthcast09 as we pass it over to "

Image Media:
2009 - 2 images at

Earthcast 08 Group Photo Pool at Flickr - Photos that various team members took from last year...some may be of use in creating an advertisement for Earthcast09
Any of Matt's photos tagged Earthcast09, cleanenergy, solarpower, windpower
webcasticonSA.jpg(from Sheila, 2009)

Sheila's Students
New for 09 - Sheila's Students -
Newer! - Here and Today (Student created song) 3+ minutes
New, too! Seattle Mariner (former), Dan Wilson - voicethread message -

Sound bytes of students from last year:
Durff's Students (you will need to right click on the .mp3 hyperlink to download/save the audio)
Matt's Students -

Matt's flickr videos tagged earthcastvideo
Jason Robertson's excellentEarthcast08 promo video
PBS NOVA Creative Commons Licensed Video - Great stuff here, and all of it is licensed in the CC!

Flyer :
2008 (Sheila) -
2009 geared to students -
2009 geared to adults -