Media Bin for Earthcast 2010

(Links for Earthcast09 Media Bin)

Please post links here for any media that we can use.

Image Media:
Flickr group - Earthcast 2010 - Slideshow

Audio Media:
Voicethread for 2010
Student created music for Earth Day RJH
Teachers Go Paperless on Earth Day Podcast (about 6 minutes)

University School of Milwaukee's Garden and Composting Project - Great blog with photos, video, etc.

Video Media:
NH's Green Scenes (Play right away; multiple stories.)
Earthcast Echos at
  • Topics include - Global Climate Change conference interview (poor video); Sustainable Harvest International; interview with students who created a robot that dove in the water at Antarctica; First follow-up Echo with Earth Day information. All ustream.
Frontier Regional School Earthcast 2010 Voicethread-Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (about 15 minutes or so)

Carolyn Stanley's Earth Day Video - Carolyn is an educator from Maryland, USA (about 2 minutes)

Broadcast Cues:
Mid stream
Standard tone for kicking off and ending each hour:

"You are listening to EarthCast 2010 live from < >. We are broadcasting on the Earthbridges channel of the Wordbridges Network. This is hour number < > of Earthcast10 and
in this segment we're focusing on . . . and we're being joined by . . .. to talk about . .. . .
We are . . . . .

Before we continue on we want to remind all of our listeners of a few housekeeping items. First off, please take a minute to sign our Earthcast 2010 guest book at "tiny u r l dot com slash earthcast 2010 guest book." We want to know where all of our listeners are from, so please sign our guest book. Also, we have a really, really easy way for you to contribute your voice to this project in the form of an Earthcast 2010 Voicethread. Visit tiny url dot come slash earthcast 2010 voicethread and leave us a comment about how you are greening the planet. We promise to play it on the air! If you have any pictures or videos to share, post your pictures at flickr and your videos at YouTube and tag them earthcast10. The official hashtag on twitter is earthcast10 and we have an active facebook fan page at Last but not least, catch up with the archives from this event by visiting the home of the earthcast project on the web at
"Stay tuned. Coming up in the next segment will be..."

(to be announced at the beginning, at the middle and at the end.. just like in Radio)
"You've been listening to hour number __ of Earthcast10, a live, 24 hour webcast taking place on Earth Day 2010.
Thanks to our guests -(insert guest names here)- for joining us in this segment to discuss -(insert topic info here)- .

We also want to thank everyone who listened in live and participated in the chat.

. . . and who called in to share with us.

Please remember to visit the voicethread and leave an audio or text comment. We've been broadcasting live on the Earthbridges channel of the Worldbridges network from -(insert your location here)- Stay tuned for the next segment as we pass it over to . . .

As we switch over to the new hour we may go off-air, if so, please reload the ustream by clicking on the left hand button on the player."

Chat room etiquette? The intent of the chat room is to ask questions and share your ideas. Adults and students will be in the chat room so please be respectful, kind and helpful. Thank you!

Throughout the day, remind people to visit the Earthcast10 Voicethread and we'll play this on the air during the day.
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