Notes from meeting on Sunday January 18, 2009



  1. Introductions/re-introductions
  2. Welcome to our new team members and round-table check-ins
  3. Encouraging new voices/members
  4. Celebrity sound bytes
  5. Sign up for moderating blocks of time (use the Earth Day 2009 link along the left)
  6. Skype Chat-contribute ideas, thoughts, brain waves, updates, etc to the Earthbridges skype chat
  7. Creating the advertisement - Jason

  • Durff, Sheila, Jeff, Andreas, Matt, Lisa P. on skype conference and Sarah, Joao on ETT live listening to ustream and chat.
  • twitter, twitter to start, and keep conversation going.
  • use of remote streamers
  • welcoming Lisa Parisi,
  • High definition streaming might be available
  • hosting of recording would go to earthbridges drupal
  • use of skype group chat has been good.
  • Digital Maverick (Drew Buddy) sent his greetings
  • Resources from Andreas
  • ideas for engaging students as in use of questions on the chat room
  • Derrall... question about recording of raw audio by server that was set up automatically
    recommendation was to record locally for best audio.
  • use of pre-recorded audio.. Canned audio.
  • set parameters for having canned audio as in time limits and a place us to grab during live.
  • Promo by Jason.. he committed to 2009 but we can help out
  • Use of EtherPad recommended by Matt
  • Jose Volunteered It's Elementary to do Promo Show... 2 weeks before the actual event
  • resources page for newbies.. lesson plans etc.
  • Jeff suggested linking with other networks
  • Promotion on EVO group on Becoming a Webhead
  • Keynote possibilities - young celebrities.
  • connecting with youthvoices
  • open letters to celebreties by group or our students
  • New Media connection suggested by Jeff:
  • Opening up to wider webcasting community Mega-Chat and beyond
  • Planning session planned for Feb 8 and Feb 22 at 18:00 GMT
  • Use of earthbridges for live page

Actions - Agreements