April 22nd, 2009

Earthcast 2009 Program Sign-up and Schedule

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Jeff (done)
0-1:00 GMT
Earthcast09 Keynote Guest - Jason Czarnezki of Vermont Law School

"A Greener Manifest Destiny" and the latest in green policy out of Washington DC


earthbridges team members

1:00-2:00 GMT


Matt (done)
2:00-3:00 GMT
Gator Radio Experience

Students from Shanghai No 3 Girls School

We will also be interviewing the founders of the future "Earth Savers for Kids Online Community"
We'll be interviewing high school students at Shanghai Girls #3 School regarding their thoughts on environmental issues
This will be completely facilitated by students
Ustream= Matt Montagne

Chatroom=Matt and GRE Team
Matt (done)
3:00-4:00 GMT
Gator Radio Experience student radio show (Matt Montagne)
GMT - 8
Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California
mjmontagne (at) geemail
Linda Yates and Paul Holland
Green construction and the present/future of the clean technology industry
This will be completely facilitated by students
Ustream and Chat: Matt Montagne and GRE Team
Matt (done)
4:00-5:00 GMT
Gator Radio Experience

Sean Harrington of Better Place Electric Car Company in Palo Alto, CA
A different way to think about personal transportation with Sean Harrington of Better Place
This will be completely facilitated by students
Ustream and Chat=Matt Montagne and GRE students

5:00-6:00 GMT
Environmental issues in Pakistan
GMT +5
Minhaaj ur Rehman, Pakistan
minhaaj at gmail dot com
Alumni 3.1

Ustream and chat: Matt Montagne

6:00-7:00 GMT
Marina Muñoz Cuxart in Barcelona Spain

English Teacher in High School
marinamc on skype

10 ideas for our planet also webcaster in Spanish with Jose

Doug Symington

7:00-8:00 GMT

Doug Symington

8:00-9:00 GMT

Doug Symington

9:00-10:00 GMT
Joao Alves/Portimao/Portugal
Escola Secundária Manuel Teixeira Gomes


16-17 year old students

Doug Symington
Vance, from minute 23 at http://samlab.com/earthcast09/earthcast09.unconf05_Vance23.mp3

Blog post of the event:
Vance Stevens and Webheads and LearnTrends

Drew Buddie (Tentative)
Abu Dhabi UAE

There is a LearnTrends recording of this session here: http://learntrends.ning.com/page/april-2009-video-page
- scroll down to "Earthday webcasters with Webhead Vance Stevens" or directly download from http://www.skillcasts.com/learntrends/LT14-webheads.mp4

What will happen? See

You can join us in Elluminate here:

This event is in conjunction with LearnTrends, on their schedule here

Sanja Bozinovic intends to bring 5 high school students (not sure from where in the world) to Elluminate at 10:30 GMT, at this URL http://bit.ly/WPKGi

Doug Symington

11:00-12:00 GMT
Vance Stevens and Michael Coghlan
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Webheads, the Environment Club at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and LearnTrends Conversations about (Informal) Learning in Organizations
vancestev at gmail

The event will take place at http://bit.ly/WPKGi
Vance was an intern, resisted graduation
Webheads and students in the Environment Club at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE and participants in Jay Cross's LearnTrends event, happening simultaneously
I will be doing this in conjunction with Learntrends in Elluminate at http://bit.ly/WPKGi. I plan to be with students in Abu Dhabi where Skype is unfortunately not available. In order to webcast I will need someone to join us in Elluminate and stream from there. I will ask around :-) ^v^

Doug Symington

12:00-13:00 GMT
Paul Allison / Flushing, NY
-4 GMT - NY
East-West School of International Studies
Intern? Unfinished?
middle school / high school
Matt M

13:00-14:00 GMT
13:00 - 14:00
Molly Green
Portsmouth NH
-4 GMT - Boston
Little Harbour School, Portsmouth, NH USA
skype: molgreen
Paul Panish and 5th students.
Paul Panish will be speaking with the students. Residential energy audits; living off the grid.
elementary and up
Ustream and chat: Sheila Adams

14:00-15:00 GMT
Scott Meech / Chicago, IL
-6 GMT - Chi (CST)
The Joseph Sears School
smeech - twitter, plurk
niuwolf - skype
josephsears - skype
scott@smeech.net and smeech@kenilworth38.org
(7th and 8th graders )

15:00-16:00 GMT
Linda George
Portsmouth NH

Dondero Elementary School
twitter: georgygrrl
skype: lindargeorge
Several 5th graders will discuss how they are trying to make the earth a better place.

ustream and chat room moderation- Matt

Jenn Williams
-8 GMT Vancouver Island
First Power / Royal Roads University

Sustainability initiatives on Vancouver Island British Columbia - renewable energy in First Nation communities,Green economy, conservation, new media, community
all welcome
ustream and chat room - Matt

16:00-17:00 GMT
Sheila Adams/ New Hampshire, US
-4 GMT - Boston (EDT)
Rye Jr. High School
sadams at sau50 dot org
twitter = sheila_a
skype = kmno4s
12 - 13 yr olds (Grade 7)
Recorded interview with Mimi White
Interactive quiz for listeners; student created song for Earth Day; recorded interview with woman trying to live as possible.
general audience
Ustream and chat - Sheila Adams

17:00-18:00 GMT
South Paris Collaborative/ Lisa Parisi, Christine Southard/ Long Island, NY, US
-4 GMT
Denton Avenue Elementary School
twitter = lparisi
skype = lisaparisi
10 year olds

general audience
ustream Sheila
chat: Lisa P
Matt - second half of this hour (done)
18:00-19:00 GMT
Bob Murphy and his enviro sci students from Westlake HS in Austin, TX

8th graders

19:00-20:00 GMT
Matt Montagne
-8 GMT
Castilleja School

Adults and interested middle / high school students
School sustainability coordinator along with student voices on this topic (one of our students was trained to give Al Gore's talk on Climate Change and she will be participating)
general audience
ustream - Matt Montagne

Thomas Cooper
-6 GMT
The Walker School
5th graders, AP, teachers
Clean Watershed project - http://cleanwatersheds.
general audience
Alice Barr

webcaster: Jose / coordinatotwo

Matt (in progress)
21:00-22:00 GMT
Virginia Tech University - Angie De Soto

College Campus Sustainability Topics

ustream = Matt

22:00-23:00 GMT
Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison
Teachers Teaching Teachers
?? perhaps Students 2.0 youth??

We are thinking to do an early Teachers Teaching Teachers... then hang out for the finale?

Matt (in progress)
23:00-24:00 GMT
Earthcast09 Finale with all participants

ustream= Jeff and chatroom = all

Blog Post that we used to announce the 2009 Earthcast

After a successful 24 Hour Webcastathon on Earth Day 2008, the Earthbridges community will be back for a second 24 hour live webcastahon on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009. Once again we'll be looking for experts in the field, K20 students/teachers, or anyone with an interest in the environment to help out with this 24 hour live broadcast on the Internet. We'll need help lining up guests, creating promotional materials and awareness raising PSAs, and of course moderating hour long blocks of time. Further details on the event will be posted at a later date, but if you are interested in participating in some capacity, please fill out the following form to express your interest. By filling out the form you are in no way obligated to participate. We're just trying to collect some preliminary contact information in preparation for planning the event. More information and meeting times for January will be posted soon.