K12Online2008 planning
Leading the Change
Strand B, week 2
Length of presentation needs to be 20 min or less
Deadline: July 11
link for strands and their descriptions:

Proposal Title:
Leading the change...a new way to affect the future/celebrate Earth Day
Earthbridges Community...bridges to the future...

Who we are:
Earthbridges is an international community of individuals collaborating on issues of environmental sustainability and justice. We came together around EarthDay 2008. We had a twenty-four hour webcastathon during which many members broadcast live shows.

Project Abstract: (250 words or less)
"...each one of you is capable of changing the world..." Muhammad Yunus 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner speaking at the 2008 MIT Commencement. Available at http://web.mit.edu/webcast/comm2008/comm2008-speeches-450k.asx Our presentation shows one innovative way of using technology to rally individuals around a common cause in order to change the world. Yunus' cause is economic, the earthbridges community's cause is environmental. We seek to enable change agents to connect through using technology. [Does this go elsewhere in the document?]

-To demonstrate that the sum of the community is stronger than individual parts
-To increase awareness of our ethical responsibilities with relationship to the environment for the environment
-To allow student voices to be heard concerning important issues that directly affect their futures
-To present an authentic, real world project example to other educators around the world
-To amplify critical issues-(or does this go elsewhere?)

Issues of Accessibility/Inclusion:

-Think about ways and ideas to that we problem solve to collectively overcome obstacles
-Teachers say "I can't..." our presentation will help show them how.
-Lee's website dealing with access issues: https://k12online07presenters.wikispaces.com/Accessibility

Justification...why should others be interested?

How does this tie into the theme, "Amplifying Possibilities."

Presentation Notes:

-can we incorporate youth voices somehow?
-perhaps we can do some type of live piece in addition to the asynchronous multimedia project piece that we publish. eg-a live webcast session similar to one of the earthcast conversations.

Putting the Presentation Together...possibilities:

-UStream, ooVoo,
-Make it clear to teachers that the barriers to entry are small...this is achievable...
-how can we get people involved


Next Step:

1. Due Date: Let's aim for completing proposal by Monday, July 7th